What You Need to Know When Shipping

Sometimes your company will need to ship goods or other cargo on short notice. It happens to everyone. There are just some instances in which you need to ship ASAP and a company like FedEx and UPS just won’t get the job done. So when you need an alternate shipping option, what should you do? There are a variety of local shipping options available, but what do you need to look into before deciding who to use? Here are a few things to consider when picking a local shipping company.


A good place to start when deciding on a local shipping company is to check out their accreditations. One accreditation to check for is whether or not they are a part of the better business bureau.  This BBB accreditation shows that the business has met the standards necessary to act with the customer in mind.

Another important accreditation to keep in mind is whether or not your shipping company is TSA certified. This indicates that your shipping company can deliver goods directly to the airport. If your goods need to be shipping directly to the airport then this is a key accreditation.



Another very important aspect to check about a potential shipping company is whether or not your goods will be insured. There are many aspects that factor into a shipping company’s insurance. Make sure to look into what meets your needs and the specific qualities of what you’re shipping.



Don’t be afraid to ask for references. These will often give you the best insight into the work that a company does. See if they have a reference of someone who fits the same profile as you, or if they have shipping the same type of goods under the same type of situation you are in.


These are just a few different things to look into while selecting a shipping company that meets your needs. Depending on your specific needs, there may be other things to look into, but just remember to be extensive in your research.

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